Hello, My name is SHINJI HAYAI.And I'm an iOS/Web Developer and Designer working in Kumamoto, Japan. Some of the services I provide are as follows:
  • iOS/iPadOS Apps Development
  • Web Apps and Web APIs Development
  • Websites Creation
  • Design Related to the Above (iOS/iPadOS Apps, Web Apps, and Websites)
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WorksThe publicly shareable work I have handled is as follows:
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Other Client Works
  • iOS/iPadOS Apps
    Photo Sharing App, Salesforce Integration App
  • Web Apps
    Care and Welfare Equipment Inventory Management App, Sports Equipment Custom Order App, Apparel Custom Order App, Bridal Reservation App
  • Windows Apps
    Visual Training App
  • Websites
    Apparel E-commerce Site
ProfileI'm a freelance iOS/Web Developer and Designer.
About Me

I studied information processing and graphic design at school, and after working for a system development company and a website production company, I'm currently working as a freelance iOS/Web developer and designer. I'm committed to providing apps and websites that are user-friendly with simple functionality and design. Outside of work, I enjoy playing indie games, playing futsal, and being involved in horse racing as a part-owner through a racing club.


Shinji Hayai


Kumamoto, JAPAN

CommunityThrough participating in community events, I'm working on improving my own skills and providing opportunities for people to experience app development and technology.
For any questions or further information, please feel free to contact me through the inquiry form below. I'm always happy to help!
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